Blood Bath

Hi, I cut people, cut my self and drain out the blood into a cup. I start in the morning by cutung a deap cut into where ever, and sit there all day and drain it out untill I have a nice Win glass full of blood, I drink it during super time. I've allways wanted to kill someone and drink there blood, however jail is not my thing. So sometimes what I do is that I go dear hunting, I kill the dear, take there blood, I boil the blood, then drink it.
catmankevin catmankevin
3 Responses Dec 23, 2010

you cool, that's just amazing.. i wanna do that too, but i'm just scared that my cut will be too noticeable. i kinda have a tendency of suicide,<br />
<br />
i wanna drink your blood now!!


Lucky!! From where I am I'm no trusted to be alone so do I get my share of blood? No! Grr I'm envious of you