I love the taste of blood, especially my own. It has a weird sweet taste to it. I really want to try someone elses though. (:
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I wana be a victim ae i live in chch but cnt find some1 whos a guy to bite me

My first girlfriend loved to drink mine every time i cut myself while shaving.<br />
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I was mad at first, but soon found it very exciting, since she was so hot after licking me ^^<br />
<br />
(i taste her at her period, but was not into this :()<br />
<br />

hey, in my experience. the guy told me he didn't believe i drink blood. i told him. i'll drink his (note, he's type O, no AIDS, i know him, no relationship with him). he said yes, with hesitation. when i cut it and drink it. he went like "WTF!" told you so. ;) <br />
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yeah, just find a friend whose crazily adventurous. ignore MrSadist. he's a guy. some might try to take advantage of you.

i have noticed that borderliners have a penchant to donor blood to an interestet if know some ask them, they would rarely say no. <br />
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googd luck, its worth trying out.