I Love Blood, And This Is My Story.

Ever since I was a little girl I was attracted to blood. My grandma was taking her blood sugar once and she licked the drop of blood that remained. I thought that I was just imagining the jealousy I had, but later realized I was actually jealous. Every time my sister got a little "booboo" I would lick the blood off and put a band aid on it. I didn't realize how bad my blood desire was until I actually fell on the playground in elementary school and busted open my knee. I looked down inside my knee and as I saw the bone and blood I got scared and began to cry. I still look at that scar and think about the itching in my throat that day. As I've grown I've been called "Emo" by many people. I used to cut myself and I always licked the blood. I met this guy, and he told me that he too was a blood drinker. He told me I needed a "consort" and I needed one quick when I began to be bothered by light's, heat, sound, smells, and became weak. Shortly after that I told my significant at the time, he admitted he too often thought of tearing things open and sucking every drop of blood within. We began to "feed" from each other and since then I've moved. I still feel his presence when I sleep at night. And every second I itch and burn, craving his blood. I refuse to cut myself, I live with my father now and I love him, he makes me happy. But I can't stop thinking of how bad I want and need it. I'm beginning to crave my family's blood as well. I simply have to have it. Any advice? Inbox me or leave a comment.
AthenaWilliams AthenaWilliams
18-21, F
3 Responses May 20, 2012

i fell your pain...sometimes the the urge for blood is so strong i just start going crazy...it SUCKS

It's a mix between both. I want blood so bad that theirs seems the most beautiful. As if they could take my mind off of the blood of my ex-fiance.

is it a craving for theres or for blood in general?

I think it has a little to do with both. I want blood from a certain person but he is so far out of reach now and we are no longer together I have no other access to supply. I refuse to self harm in my fathers home. There will be a misunderstanding. I also made a promise I would not harm myself anymore.