I don't really know how someone could drink blood.  Small scrapes and cuts I can handle, but an actual drop of blood makes me dizzy.  My lip cut and a drop of blood fell on the tile floor once, and it made me nauseous.  The taste made me cringe.

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if you dont like blood and you are so against people who do, get off the group it clearly reads "I drink blood" not "I hate blood" or "I hate people who drink blood" we are actually on this group to talk to people like us, not be hated more, we are not freaks, its part of who we are, we are born this way but since you do not like blood you would not understand how we feel so please do us all a favour and leave the group

I have heard of Reinfield's - some sort of dependence on the receiver, if what I read was true. Most severe is after 3 times, but it's pretty strong even before that. Thanks for reminding me of that book Crina, I think I'll get it :) Also thanks for confirming that it is a good one!

There are people who believe they are "real vampires" they drink blood Drinking the blood of another person is very dangerous and should not be done. There is actually a disease called the Reinfield Disease where humans become "donors" for these people. Again very dangerous.<br />
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There are real vampires they are Psy and Pranic vampires they do not feed on blood they take pranic energy "Blood Drinkers" Are not vampires, they are in need of help as any doctor will tell you drinking human blood can kill a human.<br />
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If you want to know more about it you can read Vampire:The Occult Truth, you can get it on in it it explains those who drink blood. Not that you are claiming to be a vampire, be safe.