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when i cut i usually lick the blood away. it has to go somewhere and i don't want anyone finding it. not that anyone ever goes in my room, but still. i have always liked the taste. even when i was little and i lost a tooth i would suck at the gap and poke it with my tongue. its kind of weird, but i like it.

i am fasinated by blood. it saves and it kills. billions of cells that gather at a wound and thicken and harden to protect you. it is truely amazing if you think about it.

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@siboy93<br />
drinking blood from a different blood group is dangerous. like your A positive but you drink form a A negative or B and so forth. Only O is the safest bloodtype..<br />
it's the same with donating blood to a sick person.

u and me a also a like but no that much

its not like that. i dont cut to get the blood, but when i cut i sometimes lick away the blood. thanks for your concern though.<br />

do you have to drink blood that is the same blood group..... or does that not make a difference ??

goody! ;))

goody! ;))

thanks. i'll be careful

well, try not to cut yourself for the sake of your own blood, it's dangerous not that i deny you drink blood, but you might get infected, that's all. be careful