I love it for its taste, its texture, its warmness.

Having that thick, warm, copper tasting blood in my mouth is the best thing I can think of! Even better than sex!I

I feed off myself mostly, cutting bits of skin here and there, then sucking.  Sometimes my boyfriend let's me feed off him. 

Of course, he's a blood sucker too.

I let him feed off me as well.  We've fed off each other at the same time before, that was one hell of a night!


I became a blood sucker at the age of nine, when I grazed my knee in my bedroom and I licked the wound, as my mother told me to.  I liked the blood so much I squeezed the wound to produce more blood, with I quickly licked away.

After that I began to cut myself every week, in little places where no-one could see.  I'd suck blood from the wound and then let it scab over. 

My first taste of other humans blood was a few years later, when my current boyfriend cut his finger.  I sucked at the wound, the sight of the blood made me do it.  He didn't mind and so after I made him try some of my blood.  He liked it and became like me.

GothicGirl10 GothicGirl10
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2010