That Charred Bean

it is true that most often the coffee was not intended to be burnt. however, whilst running to catch bagels or brush elementary scholars hair into a side part, my cup in the nuke-oven was set for just a wee bit too long. time and time and again i find myself leaving the pot on longer than pseudo preferable and miscounting my minutes to that exact moment of bubble over. sigh. i kinda like it - no, i in fact love it. i really do enjoy that charred bean, that almost textural taste, that bitter-sweet. haha. if you like burnt coffee too.. whether it was founded on morning dysfunction or is something you associate with on a daily coffee drinking basis, join! shareth your stories!

hiercolloquialism hiercolloquialism
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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

i had it revolving for two and a half minutes, but stopped it before all of it boiled out. i imagine to get the pristine burnt taste, one must set the coffee in a shallow pan and allow it to vigorously bubble on high or 8 for a good ten minutes to four hours.

Hmmm I've never tried that. How long do you nuke it for?