Why Coffee Is Good Before Going To Sleep

It actually isn't but one reason for drinking coffee is because it makes me stay awake a little longer and think about the day. Often we just crash, watch tv, eat something and there goes another day without contemplating about it. We might be missing out on something we experienced, learned or didn't learn that day. The other reason goes to all of you guys that are married to women that love to talk themselves to death about whatever random thoughts going through their minds late at night. Very dangerous to fall asleep while they are talking. So coffee keeps me awake enough to at least pretend I am paying attention and not put my life to risk for showing lack of it.
MasterKosh MasterKosh
36-40, M
1 Response Jun 29, 2010

once i have coffee before sleep..i would be awake all night long.....then i could not have the strength to do anything ....