Mag Ik Een Ijskoud Fluitje a.u.b.............heerlijk....

why do the english insist on drinking pints when they come to holland? the beer goes flat quicker,warm quicker & they always insist on having it "topped up".we dutch know that proper bier has two fingers of head & we prefer to drink from small glasses that stay cold & don't have time to go flat. vaasjes,bulletjes,kleintjes ,but my own favourite is the fluitje!
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1 Response Jul 20, 2010

ha ha, yes indeed, and the english beer tastes like carpet shampoo. they sell amstel in england but it is only 4.1 % compared to 5 % in holland, it is also warm & flat....some english lager is only 3.7%, no wonder they get drunk so easy when they come to holland.