I Won't Drink It Just Anywhere...

No. I never drink a guinness at a hotel bar, or a club, or actually any bar where I don't see a few patrons already throwing back pints. I am very particular when it comes to drinking guinness. Having pulled pints in Dublin for a summer during college, I have the right to be. Only Irish (or god forgive me) English bars will do. If they are not working the lines it never tastes right. But when you find the right place... A little bit of heaven on earth.
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4 Responses Nov 28, 2011

I guess I need to learn to like beer. I feel so left out.

I heard that Guinness has created a 'less strong' variety of beer. That's good news to my ears. The Stout, phew, much too intense for me.

Why are you so particular about where you consume the beer? Is it the atmosphere that you seek, the patrons, or ... the quality of the beer itself?

If Guinness is to intense, 4vr, have them pour you a Black and Tan. Very nice.

I seriously doubt a Bud Lite drinker would even consider a Guinness. They like their beer made in the good old USA, just like their trucks.

LOL Lilt. Are you saying Americans won't enjoy international products? How dare we enjoy products made in our own country, tsk tsk, ... be sure there's plenty made elsewhere ... especially CHINA (don't know about the beer though, maybe ...), Heineken (England) & Corona (Mexico) seem to be the most popular brands consumed at the parties I've attended, don't really like either myself. I do like Bud Regular or Light on draft. Actually right now my favorite is called Blue Moon. Its tasty, not too strong & if I drink it fast, it'll give me a little buzz.

It's this time of the year again. ;-)
Let's have one tomorrow!

We have a great beer assortment ourself here in Germany so I only go astray once in a while.
If you can put your hands on it, try a Kloster Andechs Doppelbock dunkel! Mmmmmmmm

You won't rue it. What is your fav local beer?

Looks quite interesting. Devilish stuff, eh?

Agreed - it definately tastes better in Ireland, and those irish folk know how to put them back!