Back home, there was this Irish bar I loved to hang out at. I was there every week.

It started because a musician friend of mine played there. But the bartender was fun, and could make an amazing Irish coffee and pour my Guinness with an impressive clover "etched" in the foamy head when done. Pretty darn cool.

When my friend the musician would go on break, we would have shots of Jameson, irish whiskey, or Joe would fix us a couple of amazing Irish Car Bombs.  Now that's a drink. Jameson, Guinness and Bailey' could ya go wrong??? (Wrong is when you've had too many.)

I grew to know many of the regulars at the bar. And there was a crew of folk who would rotate in to see my friend play.

Amazing how a spot away from home can become such a comfortable place to be.

Now, living hundreds of miles away, I am terribly homesick. For my friends, my family, Katie Daly's and Joe...


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3 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Definitely pub over club!

I didn't used to like Guiness, my husband loves it. <br />
One day we were at this (Irish) bar and I ordered a Guiness out of the blue...I drank it all, liked my lips, smiled and to my husband's surprise I ordered another one...I love it now, I don't know what changed in me, it's as if somebody turned on the lights and poof! I like Guiness.

May the wind always be at your back and the road rise to meet your feet! I'm 1/4 Irish and appeciate your biz.