Had Forgotten...

i had forgotten how much i love guinness.  it has to be on tap.  the problem is i can never find it anywhere... until tonight.  went to dinner with my fiance.  right down the street from us.  they had guinness on tap!!  ordered a large one.  the waitress brought me a 24 oz. mug of frosty dark irish love.  i took a gulp and thought i was going to cry.  it was beautiful.  i held the mug in my hand in a bit of awe.  it was like i found my long lost love.  it was just so... good.  so right.  and it didn't even cost a lot. i'll go back again and again.  they have reeled me in.  it doesn't matter what i'll be eating because everything goes with guinness, right? 

guinness drinkers please forgive me.  i've seen the error of my ways. 

merisszzilla merisszzilla
36-40, F
2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

yeah, its a good feeling. thanks.

I discovered Guinness a few years ago and I too feel the love. From that first sip, to that last gulp. Welcome back.