I Have Affairs With This Whiskey...

I LOVE it soooo much, its sexy. Oh God Yes! Straight up, it makes me...naughty.

I shouldn't have to justify my love for Mr. D's work.
It is the choice of all of my favourite rockers and sex icons.... bonding is sweet.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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Thanks TRW! I did a blind tasting of whiskeys once, and found that most of the ones I liked were Irish as opposed to Scottish or American...turns out it's the smokiness I liked.

EBun, doth protest too much...you are still sexy. :) Irish product is good too.<br />
<br />
And I loves me some SoCo...on my softer nights.

Now wait a minute! I'm not really a whiskey person, but if I'm drinking it, I prefer Connemara or Jameson. Does that mean I'm disqualified as a sex icon?! I protest!<br />
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And if I'm drinking an American whisky product, it's the one from my home state of Louisiana, Southern Comfort!

Mmmm... want some now. I don't have any money though. :P

Very very nice choice of beverage TRW, I couldn't agree more.

i think jack daniels is great!

straight up aye you are tougher than me my friend!

I was Jacks biggest fan in my younger, wilder days.... Don't imbibe much these days, but when I do its vodka or a good beer.... But on occasion I will have a Jack and Coke. mmmmm

Trw ...... You have fallen for the young pretender this Tennessee mash but an infant ......<br />
<br />
Lest us see ....... Ah yes we shall start using a simple blended whisky .... The Malts come later<br />
<br />
Chivas regal two shots over ice ..... followed by three shots of Lochan ora ( Chivas own Liquor sweetened with heather honey and herbs) stirred slowly not shaken<br />
<br />
The perfect Rusty Nail ...... for Madam<br />
<br />

I like Jamesons in Irish pubs :)

I have shot JD before, I'm not too much of a whiskey girl though...I prefer Vodka and of course I love good old Beer! :-)

I think you can see it on the tour.<br />
http://www. jackdaniels.com

i,ve only tried it once,after drinking beer all night.after a few i was really ill.every time i see jack daniels it makes me feel ill now.i quite like jamesons though.