Drank It All!

It was today that I was able to go though with my plan from the last experience that I posted. Because I was sick and then I did not feel like it but when I woke up today I wanted to try it. The idea was to hold off using the toilet this morning, bring my water bottle to work and wet though my panties into the bottle and drink at least three full mouth fulls or just drink it all! 

But I ended up peeing in the toilet because I really had to go but instead of doing it at lunch I did it during the last break so my bladder was quite full I avoided drinking to many liquids because I wanted less pee to drink but I wanted it to be strong yellow pee. Because it would taste worse and be more harder to actually drink down and it would feel more naughty like I was really drinking my own pee. When break came we do get 15 minutes however I can take longer then that my position allows me to choose my own breaks some nights I don't really get a break so if every once in a while I am 20-25 minutes nothing is said. Most people working at our company take 20 minutes anyhow... I still wanted to only be 15 minutes the last thing I wanted was someone to come looking for me because there was some error with the program etc.

In the washroom I picked the furthest stall pulled down my jeans, leaving my decorated pinkish flower hipster panties on and stood with my legs spread slightly apart and peed myself. But I was not really leaking onto the floor you know much... Because I had my water bottle and it's a fairly large bottle the lid has one of those plastic adjustable straws that can twist off so I had a fairly large hole to aim for. I made a tiny little mess filling the water bottle but since I had it pressed against myself not much pee went down my legs at all just like a trace amount which sent a shiver up my spine because here I was ******* though my panties into the bottle and also watching some pee stream down my legs into my pulled down jeans.  The orange color of the bottle really makes it a little hard to see how strong the urine is. From the look of it as it came out it was strong looking. It kind of smelt strong and the drops that made it to the flow were yellow in color. But it was a little hard to get a good indication.  Knowing I had about 10 minutes to get this over with and clean myself I ignored the normal building up of courage that takes 2-5 minutes of preparing my mind for what I was about to do. So I ignored all that and just sucked until my mouth wall mostly full. It was strong tasting nothing like the other night. I had to focus to swallow it and I gaged. It felt strange drinking strong, warm salty liquid that I knew had just came from my own body. Sure I have done this sort of thing many times before but if you keep up with my experiences you should know that usually when it comes to drinking I have a little of a hard time and take it easy. 

But I was turned on and a part of myself felt really good!  I kept thinking if I should keep drinking or when I should give up. I ended up looking around the bathroom as if the answers were written on the walls, but I knew I would be able to finish it if I just kept drinking and tried not to think about it or smell anything. I decided to sit down on the toilet because I had a feeling the only way to drink it all would be to give into my horny state and just slide my right hand into my pants and finger myself like crazy. And so that's what I did! It felt fantastic absolutely amazing to just freely ********** and I started to suck and drink it quickly not even letting my whole mouth fill up!  Only like 20 seconds later I was finished since I had to drink it very fast!  In the end I was fine sure it was a little difficult to endure it but I was glad I did.  Every filthy drop felt so good to swallow and when I was finished the half full water bottle of pee which hold a lot of liquid, I opened the lid and held it upside down and let some drops fall on my face and into my mouth then I licked it. Next I peed a tiny bit onto the hand and fingers I was ******* myself with an the pee dripped from the fingers onto the floor front of the toilet and then I put both fingers into my mouth and licked them clean and then went back to ************ after taking a sniff from the water bottle which smelt horrible and placed it down beside the toilet. I had a big ****** and it was lovely!  I has been a long time since I *********** to an ****** at work.  This was basically the quickest ****** I have ever given myself in at least a year and it was not expected. Normally it takes like 20 minutes or longer but the longer I dedicate to ************ the more ******* I get in a row.

I had to use paper towel and toilet paper to dry myself off a little and then I washed my legs with my hands and I washed my face as well because I was flustered and you know poured a little urine onto my face. I had to use mint gum to cover my pee breath. I imagine my breath would have smelt different so I used gum but since I personally can never tell a difference with my breath I don't know for sure. And it's not a question I can just go and ask a co-worker.

P.S  I am 25 years old now. My birthday just the other night.
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Just saw this one so....Happy Late Birthday! Great story, and again, made me incredibly turned on so i *********** while reading this. As i usually do with your stories! I like to drink my **** occassionally too, the other day i got up in the morning with a really full bladder, sat on the bathroom floor and pissed up all over my face and since my **** wasnt that strong i drank 3 big mouthfulls, then of course jerked off all over myself. Keep up the fun!

Happy Birthday hun! <br />
Thanks for sharing another wonderful experience.<br />
<br />
angela xo

Thanks everyone for wishing me Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday :) hot story too, i am yet to try my own but i have sucked the pee off my ex's panty covered ***** which was awesome :)

happy birthday

I, too, drink my pee sometimes. The other day, I've come up with a way which (to my mind) made the whole thing even more naughty and which in some way is the opposite of what you did: I've used a fairly small cup which I filled, drank sip by sip, refilled, drank slowly, ... until I was empty. By deliberately spreading out the process, I was even more conscious of the fact that I was drinking my own pee and that I could have stopped at any time but chose to continue nevertheless. It was fun. :-)<br />
Happy birthday!

happy birthday gorgeous ;)