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Peeing In My Own Coffee

For a few years now I've been peeing in my own coffee cup then I'll use my finger to wipe off the execs urine then lick my finger sometimes I'll even pee in the hole pot of coffee. I wait for my urine to be clear before I do this to me my urine tastes better. : )
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I do the same thing. Makes a very nice flavored coffee.

I love having a woman pee directly in my mouth. Just squat over me, let me get my mouth very close, and drink from the fountain.

lovely !!

I love **** in my coffee also.Have been doing it for many years.I love it fresh and I put about 60% **** and 40 % coffee.I feel it is a really good mix.<br />
By the way, not cream and sugar.<br />
Louise CD you mix it about 50/50????<br />
<br />
Just curious

Is it possible to even get a good taste of the pee if its mixed with coffee???????????<br />
<br />
ANY ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes pee tastes good by its self but a pot of coffee mixed with pee is wonderful!

I have peed in my tea loads of times, you can taste it, but like to drink pee in a glass when I am horny lol

Huuum it's the only way I've drank it, mixed it in my tea. And it tasted so good!

Totally agree.
Louise CD

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Can you even get a taste of your pee when its mixed in with coffe??????

i will try that

we have been peeing in the coffee pot for many years its great!!

when you mix in you you do 50-50.<br />
<br />
Would love to try drinking it straight from a man or woman, this would be the most.<br />
<br />
Someday maybe.

nothing hotter then letting a women open her pee hole up and flooding your wanting mouth! love to feel her pee forcing into my tongue!!

I have done this many times mmm great.
Louise CD

Oh yes! Be eating her ***** and your mouth is right over her pee hole and start drinking as fast as you can when she says it\'s coming.

i to love to pee in my coffee it is good and hot

hmmm nice