I very flexible and one of my fav thing to do is stand on my head and pee It looks like a fountain and after it all run down my body I can drink some of it as it drips on my breast
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I love peeing all over myself! Spraying myself with hot pee feels so good and I love drinking it :)

That's. cool.

soooo very sexy

One of the few advantages us guys have over women when it comes to peeing is that we can pee over our bodies, onto our faces, into our mouths without needing tricky acrobatics.


This is so sexy. I would love to watch!

I've done that also. Quite a feeling. I can even get it to go directly into my mouth.

trick is to have a full bladder and get it to run off your nipple

I love to drink ur pee!

Would love to drink from your "fountain" !

I'd love to drink from you

Letting it dribble down your body, how sweet is that. By the time the pee gets to your mouth, is it still good? The morning pee is supposed to be the best. Pee a little, pee into cup for the middle pee, than let the last pee go to the toilet. The morning "middle pee" is supposed to be the best for you.<br />
My morning pee is pretty strong and I will have to get used to it. My evening pee is the best tasting.<br />
<br />
Pee, of course, is good for your skin and hair. Google "Urine therapy".

Wow, very sexy!