Great Discovery

I discovered Old Charter by accident one day while I was shopping at the local package store.  It was on sale for about $16 a bottle while the Maker's Mark that I usually drink was $40.  The sales person said I would like it, so I tried it.  (For the record, it usually costs about $18.)

Now, for the price, it is THE best bourbon out there.  If you throw out cost, it's still pretty damn great!

I do not know why it typically costs half what Jack or Jim Black costs, but I am not complaining.  Raise your shot glass and salute Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey!

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

If you are going to drink I say drink the good stuff...I like the homemade chartered whiskey better. I just am leary of the stuff made in a automobile radiator. If it is made from a true whisky still it is better.