Whiskey Vs. Insomnia!!

Whenever I suffer from a bout of insomnia which incidentally is more often than not, I throw down a few gulps of whiskey in my defence. Whiskey used to win the bout easily. It usually was a lopsided bout where whiskey never had to make too much of an effort. I say this in the past tense now because lately whiskey has been on the losing side a bit too often for my liking. Is it because whiskey is getting too old? Or is it because whiskey is getting bored wrestling the same opponent day in and day out? Is whiskey getting a bit too complacent basking in its past glory? Or did insomnia manage to locate the chink in whiskey's armour? I guess I need to look for an worthy opponent to start beating insomnia unless I go nuts. You can only imagine how insomnia bothers the crap out of you unless you work a 10-hour night shift and yet do not manage to get an ounce of sleep. However, until I find a worthy opponent I will more than lovingly use whiskey for my defence.
mratheist007 mratheist007
26-30, M
May 10, 2012