Blue Or Black...

I love blue tea, but that is hard to find!  So, mostly I drink black tea.  I drink it strong, and plain.  Very rarely do I put sweeteners into it, and I also don't drink flavored tea.  Unless it is iced tea.  Then I will drink flavors, and sweeten my tea.  But, I also like that unsweetened.  Ok, I am just rambling now, and am bored with this story.  LOL.  Need more tea, I am falling asleep.

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

blue tea is Oolong, or Wulong. It is pretty rare in the US, but can be found super cheap at Asian markets. it is a variety of Chinese tea leaf. Supposed to have the largest amount of vitamins and the best of the teas for antioxidants. Yummy.

I'll have to google that one!

What's blue tea? I know black, red, green, white . . . never heard of blue!