I Drink Tea

I drink a lot of Tea. Especially hot Tea in the Winter time. It is a soothing feeling and warms me up. In the Summer I drink Iced Tea. My cat Patches will even drink the Iced Tea. 

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

occasionally my ragdoll cat will drink tea... its not really good for them in large amounts however... but tea has a few therapeutic ends to it... its actually good for your teeth I read somewhere, anti-oxidants good for the heart but in cats I am not sure! LOL it can do the opposite in large amounts.... I love Earl Grey tea!

I like tea 2 and that I lkie it very very sweeet with a lot of ice so it makes it's really cold and good. I drink all year around but not all the time because it makes me go 2 the bathroom all the time but when I do drink it's soo good .