If I Get The Chance ...

I don't usually get to drink it because when I've finished my cereal there's a queue of three animals waiting to drink it for me ... the dog and two cats ... all looking up at me waiting patiently, each wondering if it's their turn. 

womaninbliss womaninbliss
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5 Responses Aug 10, 2010

With me its three cats all telling me that if a feed them they might just like me for a day ....

share and share alike southernman ... it's important to have a rota !!

I've reached an agreement with the cats, I get some and they get some, so every bodies happy.

you naughty girl chiquita ... so wasteful! lol - I hope you eat all your vegetables!!

LOL...I never drink the milk after I eat cereal. When I was small, my grandpa used to berate me daily about it, so now tas an adult, I don't drink it. In fact, I rather enjoy watching it vanish down the drain...lol..<br />
<br />
My kids sometimes drink theirs, but no one is ordering them to do it.