Not Bad Yet...

For a small woman I can and do drink way too much.  But it hasn't affected my life in a bad way...yet.  I'm irritatingly healthy--smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, vegetable juice for snacks.  I study all day, or work.  By about 18.00 I go to the gym for about two hours, come home have broiled fish or chicken with veggies for dinner...oh and about a bottle and a half of wine a night, by myself.  On weekends I usually go out either Friday or Saturday night (never both usually) with friends.  We start with wine and I try to control-not how much I drink but how drunk I am getting.  But like clockwork at about 1am you can always find me at the bar ordering shots of Patron, usually by myself.  I hardly ever drink in the morning, only for special occasions like Christmas or New Years, oh and Sundays when I'm with my parents and have the obligatory Bloody after church. 

I love my friends and my family.  They all know (well most of them anyway) but don't talk about it with me.  About 5 years ago I went to rehab for cocaine (base/crack).  It wasn't pretty and when I got out I went right back to using.  I've been clean (okay, done it about 5 times) for 3 years now. 

I fantasize about what kind of person I would be if I didn't have my bottle and a half of wine a night though.  I know she'd be happier and wealthier for sure.  Is it possible to be even healthier?? Of course I would.

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Don't Forget!............One is TOO MANY!!<br />
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Sorry!...Speaking from experience!

Sounds like you have a good grasp on your life now. I drink about six beers a day and have not gone beyond that amount. I still go to work and do pretty well for myself. We all need release and in time we grow out of these things. I go through phases where I don't drink at all. Keep a stiff upper lip and things will be fine. You sound more together than most on EP.