I Have A Coffee Problem

i drink too much coffee its not funny or a laugh, it is a severe addiction i cannot function in the morning without at least two mugs throughout the day i will constantly have a coffee somewhere near me i will drink it hot, cold, luke warm i dont care how its made or what type as long as it has milk and one sugar most of my calories come from the milk n sugar in the coffee i suffer with anxiety n depression and the amount of coffee i drink affects my meds and does not help my insomnia if i get given decaff by my family i know instantly and get snappy without coffee i get irratable, anxious, twitchy , tired and after four hours a head ache anybody else got this?
dawnrise dawnrise
36-40, F
2 Responses Feb 2, 2013

i have now been of the coffee for a week swapped it for hot ribena and the ocassional cup of tea but am still not a fan of tea the shakes and sickness are over the loss of energy is still an issue will keep updated

Your coffee is a stimulant....