12 Cans

i drank 12 cans of coke in 1 hour and 23 minutes i felt like i had to throw up but i kept chuggin em my throat burn after like the 5th one but  i didnt care about a half hour after my last can i peed for like 5 minutes no joke i felt so horrible  i had cold sweats i would gag and it would come half way up and burn like crazy so by this time its like 3 am i need to get rid of the cans and the box so i run down in the basement and hide the box and all the cans i could feel my heart racing it feels so hot feels like im going to explode i turn off my house alarm act like im taking the dog out side and puke all over the place after i came back in i couldnt stop shaking i felt like i was going to pass out but i kept it together i ate a banna and had a bottel of watter.  i couldnt sleep i stayed awak till 9:00 pm that day. i have about 4 cokes a day. i need to brush my teeth constantly so i dont leave stans or destroy them i use enamal harding tooth paste so i dont loose my teeth from all the acid and sugar in coke. i honesly eat healy fruit veggies exercise but i love coke. and after all that i still drink it. you know how some people have their nice wines that are imported and when they feel like pampering them selves they open one up. since im only 15 i cant drink so instead of drinking a can of coke i go out to the store and buy me a 6 pack of glaSS bottel coke it is like heaven! drinking one of thoes.

philippizzoarhs philippizzoarhs
Jul 13, 2010