Actually, my Kryptonite is Mountain Dew, but where I live everything is called "coke" (Coke is good too.), so I'll go with that. It's insanely tasty, and, if not for its properties that are perilous to one's health, I'd drink a lot more of it. I used to be really bad about it, drinking 2-3 cases a week (of diet, which, funny enough, didn't help with the weight thing at all; now, I just drink regular, because it tastes better and I'd rather take my chances with rogue calories than random chemicals), but I managed to quit that. My trick is simply not to buy it, so that I only drink it eating out (The dining halls here have all you can drink coke and nasty tap water, but, luckily, there's also chocolate milk, which at least has the redeeming value of some nutrients, I suppose.). So, I usually do pretty good, until I go home, anyway; then there's tons of the stuff, ant it's easy to slip back into the three or four a day routine.

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Coke to me has its own food group(even though its a liquid). I have to have some every day. It drives me crazy! Good luck quitting your coke problem!

I love coca-cola. But as we call it COKE here too, I have to be careful. Being a mom, I can't walk around and say, "I need more coke," without stares and evil glances.

I almost convinced a friend of mine to drive to Montana so that we could fill the truck with mountain dew. I needed my "fix". The stuff we have in Canada is different and has no caffine--which seriously sucks. It would have been a 20 hour road trip. . . Just for mountain dew. Its delicious. I feel your pain.