*** Saves

I'm not posting, just pitching a tent to let you all know there's something coming that is going to prove "women don't like *** in their mouths" is a lie.

What I'm going to share with you will be real accounts of real nasty impulses with rally nasty results......I was there, and maybe if I;m lucky enough, I can be where you might be, too.

What I write the next time is for real. If you pay attention to what I'm describing insofar as lust, hunger, purpose, you'll really want to consider letting me show you how I accept my gender, embrace my purpose and commit to the only thing that really, really matters.....sucking your **** with the deepest commitment to get your hot *** in my mouth and to my tummy. Later, boys.......
cumaddict cumaddict
Sep 18, 2012