A Few European Red Wines

One of my favorites is St Emilion Gran Cru a full bodied red wine from France (akin to Bordeaux)

Montepulciano is a fantastic red blend for the Puglia region up to Marche in Italy. Once again full bodied.

Rosso Conero, near the Conero area of Marche, a full bodied blend based on Montepulciano grapes, small vinyards and hard to find, but well worth it...

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3 Responses Jun 18, 2007

yumm. that sounds tasty. i think i just found my plans for the rest of today! lol.<br />
i took a wine pairing class for my major last semester and am always looking for new/ fresh ideas!

Thanks, I enjoy a lot of cabernet Savignon(s) <br />
A few whites - Italian Trebbiano or Frascati, light <br />
in Italy during early summer they will cut up peaches on ice and pour a white wine over it. Very tasty wine and afterwards you can eat the peaches!

do you enjoy red more so over white varietals? and do you like cab sav?<br />
if so i have a suggestion for you from an up and comming vineyard in california (if you are down for the style and region) you should try Gustavo Thrice. very tasty, affordable and worth the hunt.