Counting The Days

Living in Wisconsin I store my convertible in the winter; counting the days until I can get her out again!  I was very fortunate to keep my car out so late this fall and didn't put her away until the weekend before Thanksgiving . . . so it's been 3 months already!!! 

One of the guys at work told me the roads seemed pretty clean and asked when I was taking my car out (she's a pretty big deal at work). End of March unless the weather drastically turns, which it won't. 

Last night I was telling my son the "countdown" story to get the convertible out and a motorcyle went by.  It was 37 degrees F at the time. 

Still not convinced it's time!!

sassyg1rl sassyg1rl
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2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

I love the Saturn sky, but the trunk was just too small for me. I found a turbocharged Miata that is now my daily driver. We don't have as much snow down here, but it needs snow tires and has been doing quite well in the winter.<br />
Take the car out of storage, turn the heater up, roll windows up, take the top down and drive to your face hurts from grinning.

Saturn Sky. Midnight blue. Thinking about taking her for a spin right now.............