I'm A Cab Driver On Ft. Leonard Wood Army base In Mo

The first question everyone asks when they find out what I do is "isn't that dangerous" the answer is no (so far) I have never had a bad experience.In fact I love my job,I love how uninhabited people are in taxi cabs they will say and do anything without blinking an eye.I especially love working with the military...these boys and girls are hot hot hot whooooooo lol
I have three rules in my cab 1.this is a smoking cab -smoke it if you got it and if it's any good don't forget to share 2.don't do anything that will get us killed or arrested and 3.what happens in the cab stays in the cab-have fun because I'm living vicariously through you.
I love what I do and honestly I don't think I would have even half as much fun (or make s much money) if I was a man doing the same job.

love my military boys and girls..thanks for making my job less of a job :) mwaaa
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Do you get road rage? I deliver pizza in a college town, and there are SO many stupid drivers.

god yes,thankfully all my G.I boys and girls back me up

Lol, the fun thing about delivering is when stupid people decide to call the store (or, in the case of one crazy woman, follow me back to the store) and complain about my driving. The bosses pretend to care, then laugh about it later.

My road boss is fully behind me...unless the cops call I'm not in any trouble