When a Car Costs As Much As a House...

because the capitalists pay the knuckledraggers more than they pay their educators; something is wrong - 30K for a car - insane!

My old Caprice does what it must, what I want and what needs to be - and cost me $1500.

What more needs to be said?

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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

But the knuckledraggers get bored... and that's stressful. And they have a better union... And haven't you figured out yet that it doesn't have to make sense? Oh, and those automakers are demanding huge bailouts from our governments - because they pay the knuckledraggers too much and they built too many big useless SUV's for crappy drivers to bully their way down our highways in wasting fuel and fraying tempers... yada yada yada<br />
Slap!<br />
Shut up woman, you're getting carried away.<br />
Sorry... Not.