The Five Miles Is Worth It

There's only a few people in town who gets used to driving along the river, but here in Roswell its an everyday thing for me. I work on the county line. Yeah how great is that? What is the idea of putting up buildings on county line any ways? One side of the street is one county the other mine. 

But anyways on my way home i get to drive by the River. Along the way they built many parks. There's one area of the river so calm, the metro cities use it for rowing.  Its fun watching them row in the summer time. I'd be nuts to go out there during this winter time, but there also out there, working out.  

I get to see all the seasons along this river road. I like the best summer. For every glimpse i get of the river it truly makes me want to just jump into the cold water and take a swim or fish.  It calls out to me. At times i would park underneath the overpass and just sit on the docks below it. How amazing is this place? You wonder how far it is? Where it comes from and where it ends? 

I also see the hazards of bikers. I used to ride one, so i know what to look for and how far i can get close to one without hitting the other cars on the other lane.  Its very quiet that's why I love just looking into it.  I know the things that grows in there and what it produce as far as fish, animals and plants. I step into this river long enough, one day i needed to go where it started and I was amazed.

One summer we floated down tubes just to fish areas where we can't reach it by foot. One area at a time, just to get refresh on how large and grand it has become.  And so the mental connection of its 25 miles on my side of the interstate become much much clear.  I love driving pass this river. And you know what, I will one day step outside and walk this long path the city has built for it. For now i enjoy looking through the empty trees and glancing at where the river bends.  I'm so close sometimes i can touch it. 

I don't know how many people can live so close to the river, but they do. I once thought about it, then when it rains I don't wonder anymore. So each time i drive by the river, many things comes to mind. But it relaxes me, makes me smile and thank God for letting it come by.

nrcsguy nrcsguy
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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

I know that area. You are very lucky to live there.<br />
I really is an awesome place to live!