I love to drive fast..  I don't know what it is, but it makes me happy and feel amazing.  It has gotten me in alot of trouble though.  My first speeding ticket was for 29 over the speed limit.  The speed limit was 45.  I haven't got in that much legal trouble so far, but my mom is about ready to kill me.  I am hiding it from my dad, even if  I did get the ticket in his car.  He would be so pissed and hold it over my head for ever, but couldn't do much else because he speeds too (just not as fast ).  I have been trying to slow down, but it is difficult.

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I LOVE to drive real fast as well. My truck is speed-limited from the factory to 98mph, but I still do it whenever I can. Pardon my French, but I say haul ***...but ONLY if you are a good driver. Oh yeah...and don't get caught ;)

Yall are dumb. Don't get me wrong, I love to go fast too and I'm not trying to attack anybody or make enemys or run my mouth or anything. I just think that if you want to go fast, do it on the track, not on the street, You could end up in so much trouble. Physically, monetarily, and legally. Even if you think you're a good driver, there's still a margin of danger. You never know who or what's coming around the corner. <br />
<br />
Sorry if my statement offends anyone. Just try to drive more responsibly (especially if its somebody elses car lol)

ah! i'm exactly like you; =] i loooove love love to drive fast. <br />
i got a speeding ticket for going 62 on 35 sucks so bad but thats like the usual speed for me!<br />
stupid cops. <br />
they drive the same anyways.. <br />
i didn't even tell my parents either; if they would they'd KILLLLLLLL me; i ALREADY crashed the car we just bought last july! ahaha.

I hear you. I'm 32, and I love driving fast. I got a cop-radar in my head that works pretty good though, so I rarely get caught. Plus my current vehicles aren't very fast. But 70 in a 55 works for me. Scared to take my cars much faster, think they'll blow up.

I refuse to drive my dad's car, because it's really fast, and I'm a leadfoot. My only speeding ticket was in his car, 70 in a 30; that nearly got me arrested.