Nighttime Naked Drive

As I stated in the " I like being naked" group, I'm naked nearly all the time at my house. I live down a dead end dirt road with only one neighbor who's never home, so I walk out in the yard, rake leaves, do other yard work, get my morning paper, and other things, completely naked. One night I decided I was going to do something daring. so about 9:00 that night, I went and got in my car naked and drove around town! I went on the southside and drove through the mall parking lot, went downtown and drove down the streets with all the shops and clubs, then got on the highway and drove out of the county for a few miles then turned around and headed back home. On the way back, I stopped at a fishing pier that was off the road. I got out and enjoyed the night breeze blowing on my naked body then I went home. What a rush that was. Especially driving downtown and at the mall with people walking everywhere. My windows are tinted, so nobody could really see me(at least I don't think they did), and of course, knowing law enforcement probably won't share my enthusiasm for being naked, I took precautions. I kept a t-shirt and gym shorts(something I could slip on quickly) in the passenger seat in case something happened, and I followed the traffic rules to a T. I enjoyed that so much, that I now do it every once and a while.
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Good for you Jesse. I like to drive my Mustang convertible naked through town sometimes with the top down on Saturday afternoon. Its so low that I have to look up to pedestrians walking on the sidewalk while stopped at traffic lights. Clothes suck. Naked is so much more natural and comfortable. When I arrive at a store or the golf course I put on my shirt and then stand up next to the car to put on my shorts.

I'm glad you enjoyed your outing. By next week will we hear about your daytime drive to shop at the mall?

Already have. Not the mall, but Walmart. I'll be telling that story and many more soon. I've been practicing nudity since I was a teenager, so I have plenty of stories.