Young Girl's Extreme Winter Nudity Experience

At first I have to start with me, that this project requires to give also self-experience. I have practiced winter nudity many years, but not regularly. There have been some pauses. I have been lucky to share winter nude walk with some girls, like here: This is my photos and my car can be seen in picture.
In previous winter I began from 1st January and then every weekend, but not only the coldest (4-5 Feb), from which I wrote main story later. Longest time was at 26th February 1 h 47 min and temperature in this day about -4-5 (23-25 F), but sunny. Feeling of cold is not the same every time. Generally it can be very different. But normally after some 30-40 minutes is the warmest moment, then you don’t feel any cold. After some 1 h – 1h 15 min body started to feel colder again, but not too much. Nevertheless that means body have already frozen and feelings will be maybe better later, but interests of the health you must finish nude winter walk. I must admit, that I walk in winter not totally naked, but with ski hat, gloves and sports shoes.
But until 2010 december I didn’t know that there is one girl, who had practiced winter nudism since five years old and had achieved much better results, that anybody can imagine. I met her accidentally and very luckily – this was during one of my many winter naked walks. On forest trail I suddenly saw, that somebody is coming towards me. That was not surprise, because I have met some people during the walks, only reactions have been different. But now I was bewildered, because I saw naked girl coming on the same track.
Obviously we talked some minutes, because seeing other person do same thing is interesting. Unlike me girl was totally naked – not even shoes, barefooted. She allowed me touch her skin, and it was shockingly warm, although she told has been about hour in forest. After conversation she give her cell phone number, because she told, that her parents don’t allow her to go naked walk and I maybe can help to fulfill her dreams about extreme winter nudity.
Briefly her story was, that father exercised her from 5-year old get used to cold. She ran in snow and then spells were every time longer. At 8 years old she was able to spend about hour naked in winter conditions. But when she became 9 years old in next winter, father said: „No way you go naked anymore. Until now we continue steeling in swimsuit only.“ Girl claimed, that it was not same experience anymore and she started later secretly go to walk again stark-naked, as it was on day of our meeting. She was 13 then.
If some our winters were mild, then 2011 February was cold. And we agreed, that in 24th February, which was holiday, girl says to parent that she have one event with friends, but actually she will take record naked walk in this day despite of temperature. And it was cold day: about 10.45, when starting, temperature in forest was -19 (about -2 F). Our aim was to walk 2 hours and I was dressed warmly in contrast to girl. Only I insisted, that she have to start with shoes and then decide, when to continue barefooted.
But it was sunny day and temperature was rising every minute. I check it out now and it was -15,8 at noon and -12,4 at 1 p.m. Look temperatures here. ( As I expected, girl was not feeling much cold and took the boots off soon. She said, that barefooted is simply more comfortable. After two hours she said, that its not a problem to continue experience, but we finished at 13.22. It means 2 hours 37 min.
Our last winter was in the beginning very mild, in December not even below zero temperatures (32 F). Girl was talking, that in this winter she tries to do something extraordinary, what she have never done – to spend all day naked outside. But she was waiting colder temperatures to get this experience more harsh. At the end of January it was quickly getting colder and weather forecast predicted extreme cold – about -25-30 (-14-22 F) in morning and maybe -20 afternoon. When I called to girl, she was very excited and almost overjoyed about prediction and we choose 4th February to this naked day. Look here temperatures in morning: (
Girl insisted, that all walk will take part only in her terms. 1) Walk starts approximately at sunrise and finish at sunset, it was from 8.13 am to 4.42 p.m. 2) All clothes and also boots must be left in car.
She asked friend with to witness her experience, but it was mistake, because we had problems with other girl. I asked my friend to came and recording all activities as the evidence.
Morning was extremely cold. All ski events in this day were cancelled, and it took 5 minutes to get car started. I put maximum clothes on: special winter boots with two pair of socks, two pair of trousers, shirt, blouse, sweater, jersey and warm jacket, special wool hat and gloves. Experiment girl’s friend had somewhat less right clothing and problems started.
Walk began at 8.11 – we reached right time. At temperature -30,5 (-23 F) girl was feeling extreme cold at first 20 minutes. She said, that breathing was not ok, but she tried to improve the situation. Also she was walking mainly in thick snow, because the surface layer of snow was colder. Often she jumped into snow, and made some exercises, herself lying in snow.
Weather was not getting any warmer to 9 a.m, only a little bit (-30,1). And then it happened – naked girl’s friend said, that she can’t stand the cold longer. My friend had to go immediately to cottage (our walk’s half-point and finish point) with other girl, and we agreed to meet again at half-point and then he continues filming.
The sun began to shine between the trees and girl’s self-condition improved slowly. „Now the harder part is over and hopefully I can soon enjoy my walk,“ she said. „But it was really cold, I didn’t expect this. It is pity, that my friend didn’t withsstand.“
About 10.30 we reached near river, which was partially ice-free because of sources. I suggested girl to swim a little bit, because in this case water temperature was warming her. She was really happy in water, splashed and swam. When she came out of water, she was warmed up. „What a great pleasure,“ she said. „I am here middle of the winter and now began to feel comfortable.“
After 11.00 we reached a small village. We wanted to include some public nudity experience to winter walk. Girl was again very excited, but she didn’t know yet reaction of the people, which later made her cry.
One older lady was first to notice us. She didn’t believe her eyes and started shout and ran out of our way. After that news about naked girl spread throughout the village and despite of cold weather more and more people came out of the house. One man asked: „Is it joke or something? What you are thinking himself?“ We explained, that girl is doing experience and will be naked all day. Then another one pointed: „If she stands cold, as you said, why she don’t wear panties or swimsuit? How old she is? It is inappropriate and ill-mannered behaving from such young girl!“
Girl was feeling like devastated. Nobody said anything about her courage. Girl tried to say something to protect herself: „You don’t understand, that I am not feeling shame being naked. It’s your problem.“ But it was like oil poured into the fire. People get more angry and somebody named girl a ****. And then poor girl started to cry: „I am not a ****!“.
We had to leave village quickly. For me it was unreasonable, that NOBODY said anything about girl’s courage, only they repeated like robots: „Wear panties and bra!“ Absolutely irrational situation: girl was going naked on -25C and people even were not surprised!
Poor girl felt cold again, because she was devastated about people’s reaction. She was all shivering and I offered to finish experience and to give her some my clothes and go quickly to cottage. But girl replied: „No! I can handle!“ She did some quick yoga exercises and strongly focused to eliminate the feeling of cold. And that 5-minute effort was worth of it – girl was not shivering anymore and forgot disappointment of people’s response.
We arrived to the cottage at noon. Temperature was now „only“ -21. My friend and girls friend, now warmed up, were waiting and also temperature inside cottage has reached until +10 (52 F). I asked: „This has lasted almost 4 hours. Come in and put the clothes back on!“
„No!“ replied girl again resolutely. „But I need some rest after walking over 10 kilometres. Bring something from house, on which I can sit!“
We brought chair and also made for her hot tea. Funny, if someone had seen this weird situation: warmly dressed men enjoy brief stop on house and let naked girl to sit outside! But these were the rules. Other girl had some talk with experiment girl and when she came back to house, she told: „Kate was very upset about people's reaction, but she is really brave! She is happy now and warmed also.“
We made rest some 25 minutes and then continued walk to other part of forest. We had to go through snowy path and then trail over frozen marsh, which sparkled beautifully in cold weather. It was southern part of natural park. „It is like wild beauty, more interesting part of trip. You can maybe enjoy a nature,“ I said to girl. „I never had been here,“ she answered. „But I have heard, that is beautiful.“
„The sun heats a lot,“ said girl after some 4 kilometres, when we arrived on trees-free marsh. „I am now hot again.“ This was like miracle – girl really have not anymore frozen body. At 2 p.m temperature was rising to -19 – warmest time in that day. We soon started our way back through other way, but before that we met one biologist (woman) skiing on marsh with son and daughter, about the same age as our girl.
Kate was little bit frightened again, but biologist was very kind-hearted and praised girl. „See, how good health she has. But my children are so often ill and not prepared. Therefore I took them today to nature, though warmly dressed,“ laughed she hilariously. She never mentioned absence of pants, although her boy was present. „This is quite an achievement,“ she says about girl’s extreme winter experience, but was not really stricken. „If to practice, everything is possible,“ she concluded calmly and we leave biologist family.
End of our trip was too routine, there was nothing more to describe. We finished exactly according to plan at 4.42 p.m. After sitting some time in cottage and Kate getting her clothes back we leave at home again. There were difficult moments, but she get over and kept her promise.
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Hi, I also can endure being naked for long time in below freezing temperatures. It requires being born with some aptitudes and also getting used to it or training. I got used since I was a baby, I also swim for long time every day in cold water (only in winter) and all my showers are with cold water, no matter the temperature. Now I live in London but I´ve been travelling a lot, Russia, Finland, Sweden, even in winter always wearing nearly nothing, mini skirts, mini shorts and tiny tops and always barefoot. I believe your history as I would be able to do it too. Here is a link to and old blog of mine:

In blogspot look for memoirs of a side show performer and look for the post call Helsinki.

You responded to my experience of \"Young girl extreme winter nudity experience\". You also offered a link, but unfortunately I don\'t see this link. If you want to share some winter nude experience - it is very interesting to hear something like this! - then wrote to me at e-mail

thanks for that insight. Why don't you add me and take a look at my naked in the snow pics?

I wish I was this girl, able to go totally nude in the cold outside for a very long time. Well done.

How old is she

Girl in first picture is 19, but this girl, who did this experiment, was 14 during this experience.

Wow 14 young how old is she now

Now she is 16.

Wow if u see her sya hi and well done

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This story reminds me my friend’s family. We are living in Norway, where also winter can be very cold, but near Lillehammer my friend Asgeir was a member of winter swimming club, they also did exercises outside, but instead of being naked they wore swimsuit or shorts or something like summer. Asgeir’s wife was not interested of winter hardening, but father tried to involve children, two girls and boy. After some tries they suddenly realized, that younger daughter of family is quite insensitive to cold. My friend told, that her body was warm even after longer stay at minus temperatures. They finally checked girl’s abilities and realized, that even 1 h 20 minutes on -22C was not hard for her. But they never did any harder tests.
It means, some people have acquired at birth some abilities and maybe they never would became aware of these abilities, if they would have not tried winter hardening. Here in story girl is even more prepared and therefore more durable, but we never know how much hours would have endured my friend’s daughter.
My congratulations to Kate!

Your comment explains a lot. People really react differently to external influences. As somebody not getting burns by fire or at least gets only little burns, then other one can be insensitive to cold.
I can here compare normal people and Kate’s reaction to different temperature. Every man can walk naked (if it is allowed) at +25 and when at +20 maybe a little clothing will be useful, then also at this temperature they have not problems. At +15 and calm weather almost everyone can also survive 8,5 hours outside, but +10 is maybe possible to overcome only for few people.
And now Kate – she has COMPLETELY NORMAL feelings at -5 naked, she will not have any considerable problems at -10 and can survive -15. At -20 will be more difficult, but possible. And only -25-30 is real test for her.
If for me clothing at +20+25 is not important, then her level is -5-10. You only imagine: at -10 she goes outside walking naked and feels EXACTLY SAME as I at +20. This is something like your friends daughter – COMPLETE LACK OF FEAR OF THE COLD.

Intriguing story. The biggest problem with keeping warm in cold while naked is the wind. Wind chill is the killer. Here we have 20 below F with 70km winds. Kate is amazing. I fear she would not fare so well in these type of conditions

I checked, wind in this particular day was about 10-15 km/h, and I calculated wind chill at beginning of the walk as -40 (both C and F, this value is even). But below, where I describe case, when she was in forest with other girls, wind chill was about -26 C (-15 F). And really she had nothing to prove, but went to additional walk, one hour, alone, without mobile phone, no possibility to call help if required. But she felt so good and firm, therefore wanted to continue walk. As I said in story, she mostly walks alone, take off her clothes and boots, hiding them under a tree and just walking and enjoying nature. Why? Because she likes it! No one is forcing her to walk naked and barefooted in the thick snow, but she does it for fun!
She can easily swim about 10 minutes in ice-cold water and during this swim to talk relaxed about any topic. And after swim she don’t put clothes on, but continues walking, itself the body wet.
Therefore was only possibility to took extreme walk if temperatures were below -25 (-15F). But altogether she was happy, because harsh conditions were the goal. But I really don’t know, where you live, if at -20F wind is 70 km/h. In our country normally in colder days wind is more calm and if over zero C temperatures, then stronger.

Here another example of brave girl winter walk:
Village Litkovka, Siberia: 11-year old girl walking with friends in severe winter. Look at other girls clothing!

the picture is gone, but it was a fake. no shadow, between her legs has the snow an other color and there is a green color around her body... and her feet looks like she was wearing sandals before...

But this is not my photo, I found it from internet. Here is another picture: .

<p>Here are pictures: . This is not girl in story. She walked about hour, but how pictures can prove it? Everbody can sit back to the car, then come out for 2-3 minutes, take pictures, and later again - continuity cant be proved by photos.</P><br />

If this has been taken record, it would be a good idea post edited pictures as an evidence

<p>I understand doubts about this story, but how it can be proved. One or even hundred photos dont prove anything, because these can be taken at different times. To take one photo is enough time that person stay naked at snow only 10 seconds. And this is possible for any person.<br />
What can I say? She is immune to cold, although -30 was a little bit too much for her. But temperature in open water, as you know, is every time above zero and for some special persons it can be warming. Also effect of sun will improve situation.<br />
I can also tell another story of her, where I was not present. She told this and was very funny. She has to prove for her friends (girls), that can stand winter cold naked. They were going to one girls cottage, near what was scenic nature trail. I cant say exactly, but I think, that was a day: here temperatures ( As you see, about -15 or colder. Four girls were starting to trail, 4 km loop, Kate obviously stark naked. When loop was completed, then Kate wanted to go another walk, approximately 2 km to frozen waterfall with very scenic view. But other girls refused, it was too cold (!) for them. But Kate went alone and others were waiting her in cottage, cooking and preparing dinner. Then half an hour passed and even more minutes, but Kate was not yet returned for her walk. They began to worry about and decided despite of cold go to search their naked friend. After shouting and calling, Kate answered in forest and came out. Other girls were angry: "What you are doing, we were worried, what you are proving with this behaviour!?"<br />
Later Kate said that she cleared to them, that she was not "heroically suffered from the cold and made them worry" as other girls thought. "No way! I was only going in beautiful nature and found some good views to frozen waterfall. I didnt notice, how much time it took. I proved already them my resistance to cold, but this walk was only for enjoying myself. If I say, that I didnt feel cold at any moment, this is too less to characterize my feelings, because I feel comfortably warm all the time!" This is the point! And she was then almost 2 hours in -15.<br />
Afterwards unfortunately happened that two girls of three others get sick, one had high fever and missed school whole week.<br />
And if you want picture, then here is another girl. This is my own picture, what I put internet: <br /> . My comment is also under this picture, but maybe it was not -10, but -5 degrees, I checked, and was mid-March. But girl was first time naked at snow and as you see in picture, only fingers are little bit purple from cold. Also this picture cant prove, that she spen 2 hours outside, but what I can do.</P>

Well, I have heard of people who have trained themselves to be able to tolerate extreme conditions but this story is stretching it a bit. I do not believe that any human can condition him- or herself to tolerate such low temperatures barefoot in snow, ice, taking a swim in icy water and that being totally naked - all day long without any break at all - outdoors in temperatures between -20 and - 30 C.. There is no supporting photo, either. Yes, I am aware that the girl in this article is still very much a minor - making the story even less believable. The author will say that it is illegal to publish photos of an girl who is still a child, in the nude. But it does not require a genius with Photoshop to block certain parts in the photo to overcome legal issues. I suspect that the article is a fantasy and the author is writing about a very young girl so he can claim that he cannot publish photographic evidence.
Even some people who have set records that were demonstrating endurance in extreme conditions and have trained long and hard cannot even come close to this. And they are monitored by a doctor during the attempt. And one came close to having frostbite under conditions that were severe but not as severe as the conditions in this story. And these records have been witnessed by officials.
No, it is a nice story about a brave girl but true ? I do not think so.

No comments for story?

It is true I can do it too.
Check a post from me in blogspot called memoirs of a side show performer and llok for the post helsinki.