I Love Driving Nude...

So once I was on my way to a nudist club. It was summer and gorgeous weather. I waited until I was on the road and driving fast then ******** off all my clothes. When I do this I always wear only loose shorts and a tank top so it's easy to ***** while driving and also easy to put back on if a cop comes up behind me.

I saw a semi up ahead so I sped up and passed him. I have a convertible so I was easy to see when I came up to his window and he looked down at me. His mouth hung open when I turned my upper body his way and he saw my bare boobies and then I spread my right leg out so he could see my ***** (I had the car on cruise control) and I flashed him the hand sign for "I love you" and hit the gas. He tried to catch up, but couldn't. I passed other truckers that day too and did the same to all of them. I got a lot of horns honked at me and a lot of grins. One guy must not have had much of a load in his trailer. He kept up with me a long time and it almost freaked me out. He kept encouraging me to show him more so I put on quite a show for him, on a long straightaway I even stood up in my seat with the cruise control going, my left hand on the wheel and I started ************ toward him. He veered to the right and I thought he was going to wreck for certain, but he got control of his truck and that was when I pulled away from him.

Shortly after that I arrived at the nudist club and spent the weekend there among friends, telling them all about my crazy ride.
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If you're in Illinois, go over to Indiana to the ABATE Boogie outside of Bedford in mid-July. Seems you are generally dressed for the party. Great story!

Someone where I work told me about this last year. I agree with you, I DO need to go sometime. Maybe Casey and I can get there this year?

You bad little girl. Lol. I wish I could seen you


I admire your adventurous spirit. I've had fun driving nude as well. Unlike you, however, I don't have a convertible, and I flee from any vehicles that are taller than mine (almost always driven by males) so that they can't see that I'm nude. I've pulled up to stoplights nude next to women (not on purpose) and have glanced over to see if they've noticed. To this day, I can't tell that they have. I look forward to more nude driving once the weather warms up.

Thing with a man driving nude is that all you see is his shoulders and chest. No big deal there, right? On a girl it's different. I'm short, but so's my car and I sit on a cushion when driving nude so I'm taller. lol No good is my boobs don't show.

wow - that must be a sight to behold ;) You are daring, aren't you!

excellent one!! really!!

no problem ....just thought I would ask. Well, love to be in your circle and by the way, you are sexy.

hoow about taking a trip and driving nude together?

I already have peeps I drive places with. We have known each other long enough to trust each other. Had a stalker once and don't need another. Not that I think you or anyone else would be one, but a girl has to be careful these days, right? I only drive places like that with my besties.