Driving While Nude

I have driven nude or nude as a passenger several times.

We have a motorhome, which means the windows are well above the view of the average vehicle. We swap drivers about every hour as driving the motorhome takes real concentration and is tiring.

Anyway while we were on a long lonely stretch of road in Arizona, in the summer, and it was really hot. The sun was also making inside of the vehicle quite warm. I had on blue jeans and a dark shirt, not very intelligent for a hot day. So I asked my wife if she would object if I took them off. She said it was OK, so off they came. A couple of minutes later she said she was a little surprised I was not nude and that she would not object. So off came the underwear.The sunlight on the body felt great. While in the drivers seat she thought I could be be seen and offend someone. So I did not get dressed again until it was my turn to drive. She does not mind being nude herself, but is a lot more circumspect about when and where. It is not something she will go out of her way to do.

I also drove nude returning from camping trip near Mammoth Springs. I knew the highway was almost empty for many miles so I simply peeled off and kept the clothes handy. I drove for more than hour in the noonday sun.

Years earlier I was driving back from nude beach and tried something else. I convinced my girlfriend of the time to only wear her transparent top and I drove nude. On the rural two lane road the direction we were traveling was quite slow, and the other direction almost empty. We did not cover up until we were in the apartment parking lot, which was in the middle of suburbia.

Phelux Phelux
61-65, M
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Its my experience that people rarely notice. They only see what they expect to see and a person driving nude is not expected. Your wife's concern is fine but probably not warranted. Too each his own though whatever makes you comfortable.