Picking Up Hitchhikers While Driving Nude

In “I Want to Drive Naked” ( EP Link ) I mentioned that I pick up hitchhikers while driving naked.
Here is the story of one such experience.

The sky was that sparkling blue that only happens the day after a rain (it had stormed the day before), and it was maybe 85, perfect weather for being naked outdoors. I had been driving and idly playing with myself. A trucker seemed to take interest so I stayed with him. We pulled off at a ramp and I got alongside him. Much to my distress, he just took off! I decided to head back the other way, and remembered that I’d seen a hitchhiker on that side of the highway.

Sure enough, a few miles later, there he was! I slowed down before I passed him so he didn’t have far to go. When he got up to the car and opened the door, he looked at me, then threw his gear in the back. I smiled at him and he closed the door. As soon as we were underway, he remarked, “Gawd, it's hot today!” Now I didn’t think that 85 was hot, but I decided to agree and so replied, “Yeah, it is. Make yourself comfortable.”

I was not prepared for what happened.

He surprised me, because instead of removing his shirt, as I thought, he took off his jeans (with nothing underneath)! Or at least pulled them down to his ankles because he couldn’t get them over his boots. I reached over and helped him out of his shirt, and we stayed like that for a while, each playing with the other’s hard ****.
At the time, I was staying at a friend’s campsite for the weekend. I offered to take the guy there if he wanted, and he agreed as long as I got him back to the highway. So we went to the tent (he did take his boots off and just pulled up the jeans to get out of the car while I just donned a swimsuit), which I had to cover with a blanket as the sun beating down on it made it unmercifully hot inside. I don’t remember what all we did, but think he got off twice. Had there been fewer people at the campground, I would have led him to the river so we could bathe together.
I took him back through the nearby small city, and he decided to get out there being only about two miles from the highway, and that was where we parted company.

It wasn’t the only time I’ve had a hitchhiker ***** voluntarily, but it was one of the nicest.

I hope the rest of you do this too!

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

<b>i would, and would promise to keep hands off you</b> if that was what you wanted.

I am a str8 male but would love to meet some one that would drive with me in the nude Man or Female