Driving Nude On Back Roads

Dont remember when I started driving nude when I can I mostly do it when its night  time but have done it during the day I remember being on vacation out west . A very long I striped totaly naked witht the windows all down The wind rushing past my naked skin felt so wonderful. Out west there is not much traffic so that made it nice. I remember slowing down enough to control the car and sticking my leg out the windows that was grat feeling the breeze past over my legs and over my privite parts That made me feel sexyy and alive

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3 Responses Mar 10, 2010

<b>if you ever get to my area</b>, let me know.<br />
i would enjoy driving or riding naked with you.

Feeling "alive" -- that's the perfect word. I was thinking it last night while driving around with the windows open enough for a nice breeze and no clothing on to disrupt the awesome feeling.<br />
<br />
Stay naked and have fun!<br />
<br />

I do enjoy driving in th nude may be doing some this week end while on a trip Would like to drive nude with some one I could trust Thanks for your comment