What A Great Time

We went to a restaurant about an hour away from our home. On the way there my girlfriend and I had a typical late afternoon drive in the country. We had a

blast bar hopping through the night. When she drove home as the designated driver we began taking our clothes off.

I was first since it was easiest. Quickly, I was sitting without a stitch on next to my date, who had a hard time keeping her eyes on the road.

On the other hand she couldn't get her top off without help, the bra was easier then...

the tight jeans had us in stitches as I pulled them down and over her feet. Next, panties!

What a struggle to finally get them off and in the back seat, gave me something to play with on the drive home.

Of course my girl took the opportunity to practice playing with a gear shift knob, we laughed and laughed.

What fun.

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Mar 16, 2010