Riding Shirtless

I havn't driven anywhere shirtless but on occasion, and at night, I will get out on the motorbike wearing boots, pants and helmet, but no shirt. Now that is an awesome feeling, to feel the wind wrapping around your bare stomach, chest and back.

Not only do you get the vulnerable feeling of exposure being shirtless, but it's amplified by the consequenses if you come off.

One night I decided to leave the quiet back streets and hit the highway for a little distance and the thrill of 80kph wind on my body. There were very few cars but I noticed one came up behind and then passed to overtake, checking me out. It had a couple of young guys and a girl in there, and they probably noticed something different when they first saw me.

I turned off the highway and went into an industrial park backstreet, parked and got off the bike for a look around before heading back along the highway to go home. The feeling is just awesome and you'd never get anything like that driving a car shirtless.

It is dangerous not wearing protection on a bike which is why I will only do it at night, mainly coz there's much less traffic, but also so I'm not not looked at or pulled over for being a fool, haha, but it's an experience not to be missed if you like doing things shirtless.

I also think there's something hot about a good looking guy on a bike with a helmet and all the gear, but no shirt. So get out on ya bikes if you have one and go for a shirtless ride.
MaximusAbdominus MaximusAbdominus
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3 Responses Nov 25, 2012

U been out riding your bike shirtless lately??

I wish I could have seen u on your bike bare chested. I bet it was so impressive.

Nice. i really like it.