But Not Around Town

The UK 30mph limit in town is there for good reasons. I always stick to that limit. On the open road it's a different story. The UK motorway limit is 70mph, but I hate motorway.

We have a wonderfull back road that goes over the hills. The limit along that road goes between 50 and 60mph. In a couple of places the road goes down to a single track winding lane with hedges down both sides and passing places and the chance of a tractor coming the other way. I have done 80 through there, in the dark. Well it makes more sense in the dark coz you can see the headlights coming the other way.

There is another section that has 5 first gear corners, 2 second gear corners and one, at the top, where you just reach third and can just reach 75. Then your heading down hill and need to be breaking for a first gear corner imediatly followed by a 1:3 down hill section.

There are many spectacular and adrenalin pumping places to overtake.

The other day I was stuck behind 3 cars that were stuck behind someone doing 40mph. When we got into town I was right behind them, when they hit the 30mph speed limit they didn't slow down, they just carried on, doing 40.

What sort of reckless idiot does that!

Heellover Heellover
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2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

You got that right!

Seems to me, you like driving, taste the limits :) Feel the adrenaline...