Horrific Neighbours

On the street where I live, I am known as a "helpful" neighbour.  My family and I live a fairly quiet life - no loud music or barking dogs - no encroaching on anyone else's property.  I tutor the neighbourhood children (I'm a retired teacher), rescue hurt wildlife, plant a beautiful garden each summer and donate many unused items to people who need them (including neighbours).  However, my life in this community is miserable.  Of all the neighbours I peacefully cohabitate with, the only 2 neighbours who have caused me grief live beside me, and across the road from me.  In all instances, I have simply been the victim - but these 2 particular neighbours and their hateful ways have made me feel like an outcast on my own street.  The woman next door continually checks the property line and has brought out her camera to take pictures of me if I am shovelling gravel, soil, etc that she thinks has crossed onto her property.  When she drinks, she has called me "white trash" and scoffed at how we'd never be able to sell our house.  Her overgrown garden and shrubs are killing our cedar hedge.  She once called the police on me thinking that I had thrown a rock through her car window which she found smashed one morning.  The man across the street hadn't talked to us 10 years - his son verbalized a death threat to our son.  Although we got the police involved, we did not press charges but of course, have had nothing to do with them for the past 10 years.  One day he called me over, and I stupidly went, thinking that perhaps he wanted to try and repair what had happened (I gave him the benefit of the doubt).  What he did was actually ambush me into thinking he had a kinder intent, but then out of nowhere said that because of the 10 years we had not spoken to one another, I was a "stupid c--t".  When I am outside, he and his wife look over and snarl (another neighbour pointed this out to me!)  I'd like to move, but my husband makes a good point when he says that WE have done nothing wrong and should not be made to feel like WE have to leave.  He seems to cope better than I do.  But I'm the one who is home most days and have to deal with their hateful confrontational and agressive ways.  I really don't see a solution here - for the most part, I hide out in my backyard, but even there I often hear the voice of the woman who called me "white trash".  I feel helpless and hopeless.    
pvalerie pvalerie
51-55, F
May 22, 2012