Well, I had a very interesting day let me tell you. This morning I had a service call in Windham, Ny. (yes the ski resort) Its about a solid 45 minute drive up the mountain to Windham from the house. I arrived on time at 8 am and began the troubleshooting and repairs of the machines as always. The issue was an odd one and it took me about 2 hours to narrow it down to the sensor causing the issue and disassemble and clean the paper dust from the assembly that was blocking the sensor. (reassemble and test) Then on to a machine that had another issue. I spent about an hour on that one. So by now it was 11 am. I left the acct. and just down the street is a gas station, I was cold and thirsty so I decided to have a cup of hot chocolate for the drive down. I got a medium and left. I was about 10 minutes into my drive down, blowing on the opening in the cup to cool off the top portion of my hot chocolate before taking that first scalding sip when a dump truck pulled out in front of me, running a stop sign and causing me to slam on my brakes. The cup of hot (HOT) chocolate hit the steering wheel and bounced back right into my chest and lap, lid came off of course covering me in scalding hot chocolate! No damage to truck as we didnt collide but I was soaked to the skin in hot chocolate and it hurt... I pulled over and assessed the situation, still burning and wet. temp outside was 40 degrees at this point so I made a risky decision. I drove down a mile or so and found a dirt road that had no houses around it. I pulled down the road and got out of the truck. I ******** off my soaked shirt and kicked off my shoes, emptied my pockets and took my pants and soaked underwear off. There I was standing on a road with nothing on at all but my socks! I used the dry part of the shirt to towel off my skin and threw my clothes into the backseat. I got in the truck, turned on the heat and headed for home...I got a few looks as it was so cold and I didnt have a shirt on but nothing other than that. I drove down the mountain, through town and then home completely nude except for socks. It was actually quite stimulating once I got over the anger of having been soaked and cut off...lmao.
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Great story!!! Thanks for sharing --- I bet next time it won't take getting soaked by scalding hot chocolate!!!
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