I really do love driving naked .In the summer its great as you dont have to wait for the car to warm up , so can drive nude even on short journeys . In winter getting in a freezing cold car isnt nice if your nude .
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On 3 occasions I have paddled a canoe nude down the Colorado River near Yuma, about 20 miles with several friends in other canoes completely naked.

So do we! We have driven many places with the whole family naked!

Sounds like fun. What happens when you get where you're going? lol

Depends on where that is! Sometimes we just get out and walk in naked. We have even stopped for gas naked!

Did anyone say anything?

Yes, and they were very favorable comments!

What happens if you get pulled over by a cop? For something simple like a burned out tail light?

I guess we would get a ticket! Or maybe the cop would just enjoy the view!

I was thinking in some areas you might get arrested for public nudity or indecent exposure.

To me inside the car is the same as inside your house or in your fenced back yard so it shouldn't be illegal!

Shouldn't and what happens in backwards thinking redneck areas are two different things. Back in the late 1990s a woman was in her car in a shopping mall parking lot in St. Louis MO, breast feeding her baby, partially covered ( the baby covers the nipples anyway) and was arrested and charged with public nudity. This incident led to California passing a law making it legal to publiclally breast feed.although the law was passed about 15 years ago some of the Neaderthals here don't get it.
Compare that to Japan: when I was 7 years old in 1959 my mom was dating a guy in the Navy. He mentioned he was amazed that women in Japan would sit on a bench in a public park and breast feed their babies. So at 7 years old I'm already thinking it wasn't a big deal. But he was amazed.

Unfortunately Americans have too many hang-ups! In other countries guys are comfortable wearing speedos or thongs to the beach, but here I get chastised and called names every time I do.

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