Off Of A Roller Coaster...

I was at Knotts Berry Farm in California with my choir group last year. My friends and I went on the Revelucion ride. Well, stupid me, I left my phone in my pocket during the ride. So as we swing into the vertical position tons of feet above the ground my phone fell out of my pocket. Of course, I didn't realize this till after the ride when i reached into an empty pocket. So i began looking around on the ground. The people working the ride camp up to me and asked what i was looking for. When I replied by telling them my phone, they responded by asking me if the piece of white plastic they held up was the back to my phone. Unfortunately it was. They offered to call my phone to see if we could hear it. I didn't think we would be able to though. If the back fell off, the battery had probably fallen out. But I called anyways cuz it couldn't hurt. Low and behold it began ringing. It was under a bush and the battery was still intact. The best part? It had no scratched or dents. It was still in perfect condition. But now i have one hell of a story.
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Lol cool, lucky phone.

Haha, awesome story ^^