Pursuing My Dreams

I spent my entire life living on the east coast. I was secure in my job, finances and my life in general. I am 44 yrs old and both of my children are grown. I decided to take a risk. I dropped everything, packed my bags and relocated to the west coast to pursue a dream I put on hold 20 years ago. This was a spontaneous move on my behalf, but I also felt guided to make this move. I have no idea what awaits me now that I am here, but my faith tells me it is right.

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3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Thanx for the support. Actaully, I just made this move a little over a month ago and I'm not quite settled yet, but given some time, I know good things will happen. I have no regrets, but I do miss my girls.

I did the same thing. At 40, I pitched the good job that was burning me out, sold my house of 18 yrs and headed west. I last three years, and then pitched it all there to move to the Gulf of Mexico. Now at 44, I'm debating about another leap of faith to follow a passion which is taking me to NC. <br />
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Most people, including my family, think I'm nuts. They start their sentences with, "You'll never believe what she's doing now!", but I just came to the reality that life is too short to do and be where you're not fulfilled, and we each have God Given talents that are intended to be used. <br />
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We are a rare breed today, and I applaud you! I hope it turned out to be all you'd hoped, and a shout out to Subatia too for the words of wisdom above that were ones I needed to hear in my current dilemma. My next move is really gonna require some "brass ones" on my part, and it'd been tormenting me. <br />
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Maybe my see you guys out here was not by chance afterall! Thanks~<br />
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Peace,<br />
Pam a.k.a. ABNGAL

It sounds like an adventure. If your doing it with God in your heart, then your adventure should be one of joy and happiness.