Right After I Got It

I have had several iPods. I won my iPod Touch at work based on my performance levels. I was so excited because I wanted an iPod so bad but would never spend that amount of money on myself. It finally arrived and my then boyfriend bought me the docking station for it that makes it an alarm clock. I was so excited about out this too.  I took that thing everywhere I went for about two weeks. I decided to stay over at his home one night and had put the docking station on the counter so I could listen to music while in the shower. The phone rang and I jumped out fast to grab it. In the process I knocked the IPod and the docking station in his toilet.  He was so sweet though. He got it out for me and then he traded with me so I wouldn't be without my favorite toy.

I had that iPod about a year  so longer, taking it with me on many trips.  I had traded laptop bags just prior to one of my many business trips, ending up thinking that I had left it on the plane. I was distraught and looked for almost two weeks to no avail. I finally bought an iPod Classic to replace it. I now have two iPods... the one I bought and my iPod Touch which I found in the front of my laptop bad the day after I bought my Classic. Argh.

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

I love having multiple iPods. I have music on one and then I have books on the other. It is smaller than my Kindle and I like that.

ahhh isn't irony beautiful...:-)