Actually, That's Not 100% Accurate...

I was asked to leave college because my GPA was 1.9 and I was blowing off classes left and right. It ended up not hurting me career-wise, although I would like to go back and finish one day.
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I'm glad you found success, even as a college dropout. Feel free to share your story in the forums on my new website, I designed the site so that college dropouts could find tools to ease their situation and find other people to discuss their problems and concerns with. Check it out and make sure to post to help others find their own success.

that's great! may i ask what kind of job you have found?

Ironically enough, unless you are fortunate enough to get a job immediately in the degree or subject you went to school for, many graduates end up "flippin' burgers" (so to speak) like the rest of us!