....and Went Phishing Instead

I left school afteer two months.  Knowing my parents wouldnt be too pleased, I had a friend pick me and all my **** up at the dorm-- we drove the two hours to my folks house where I unloaded my stuff into my mostly emppty bedroom and left a note, saying : Got kicked out of school.  I;m fine.  Will call soon.  I love you."  I called six days  and eight states later.  They werent really surprised.  I spent what should hav been y freshman year following the band Phish around the country.  I rememebr using my college id to butter bread fr grilled chees sandwhiches smewhere in North Carolina.

Money well spent.......
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2007


Phish!! I bet that was quite a trip mannn. haha I'm sure you have many wonderful experiences and stories to share. I'd love to do the same. . . just got to work on this whole networking thing.