Took It Back

I dropped out of college in the 90's. I started back about 7 years later, even though I had to start all over because I had no transfer credits - my grades were so bad the first time.

Not trying to annoy you guys, but I am really glad I went back. I had never tried to do well in school before. It turns out it is not nearly as hard as I thought it was. But I'm also really glad that I spent a few years working, learned about the real world, and figured out what I really want to do.
Zandze Zandze
26-30, F
1 Response Apr 4, 2007

This. I was so lackadaisical about school the first go around, but after dropping out and joining the work force, it really drove home the difference a degree can make. Now I don't even think twice about putting in the time to make the grade. I'm not saying that you need a college education to have a comfortable life but from what I've observed it definitely helps.